Semiconductors & Photovoltaics

Ultra-high purity for maximum yields

Semiconductor components pass through a complex production process before they are mounted into mobile phones, computers, consumer electronics products or solar panels. High microelectronic integration density on a discrete substrate and amazing component miniaturization mean that absolute purity and cleanliness are essential in semiconductor production to maximize yields and ensure a good return on investment.

In order to produce maximum volumes of fault-free components and modules, the semiconductor industry invests an enormous amount of time and money in its manufacturing systems. The fabs (semiconductor manufacturing lines) are housed in cleanrooms where in some cases the airborne dust count must remain below 15 particles per m3. Alternatively, enclosed processes and vacuum systems are deployed to minimize particle counts. The thin layers on the substrates are often only a few atoms or molecules thick. A variety of different process media are used for controlled deposition, selective removal and patterning. The media also must be ultra-pure to prevent any type of contamination. The same applies to the supply systems that deliver fluids, which may be highly reactive and corrosive, to the point of use. They must also meet stringent purity standards and must not release anything which could degrade the process or reduce yields.

Neumo SCiMax® Fittings, Modules and Tubing

NEUMO SCiMax® brand fittings, modules and tubing made of stainless steel or special materials are used to build ultra-high purity supply networks for semiconductor manufacturing. To ensure the ultimate in purity, NEUMO uses the best material grades, manufactures SCiMax® products under certified conditions and cleans and packages them in ultra clean rooms under conditions similar to those found in the semiconductor industry. The ultimate aim is high-yield production of fault-free ICs, chips, LCDs and CPUs.