On the way to the top

The Knittlingen junior soccer team dressed in NEUMO blue has set its sights on the league championship

NEUMO sponsors junior soccer team in the local region

NEUMO is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for sterile bio-pharmaceutical applications. NEUMO components and vessels are built into the production systems which are used to produce nearly all of today’s vaccines and other life-saving biopharmaceuticals such as insulin.

The company’s success is based on the inventiveness and creative energy which is so typical of the people in the local region where most of our employees have their roots. This regional identity is an important part of our corporate culture. In order to foster that tradition, we support local clubs and institutions by providing funding and sponsoring. The Knittlingen junior soccer team is one example. In their new shirts sponsored by NEUMO, the players have set out to win the league championship. It comes as no surprise that the sons of three NEUMO employees are members of the starting team. They are living proof that the company really is firmly rooted in the local region. NEUMO was founded in 1947, and the workforce has now moved on to the third and fourth generation.