140 years NEUMO - 5 colleagues are celebrating their anniversary


140 years NEUMO
In total the 5 colleagues are proudly looking back on 140 years seniority...

On September 9th, Wolf Ehrenberg (Managing Director, 1st from left) and Carola Staib (chairwoman of works comittee, 1st from right) have congratulated our colleagues, celebrating their 25th and 40th anniversary.
Wolf Ehrenberg thanked with a review on the company development of the last decades and expressed gratitudes for the successful and trustful teamwork and handed over the official deeds from the local chamber of commerce along with a present for the anniversary.

We congratulate:

40 years NEUMO:
Jürgen Bickel, Manager Warehouse/Packaging (4th from left)

25 years NEUMO:
Mirko Jovanovic, Warehouse/Packaging (2nd from left)
Uwe Vincon - Manager CNC workshop (3rd from left)
Thomas Ruß - Sales National (3rd from right)
Mehmet Mesecan - CNC workshop (2nd from right)