WORLD INNOVATION - NEUMO revolutionizes Fermentation Control together with our partner VAYU Sense


WORLD INNOVATION - NEUMO revolutionizes Fermentation Control together with our partner VAYU Sense

Optimizing Fermentation control of Pharmaceutical Production for accurate Real-Time Measurement & smarter Cost-Effective Production.

VAYU Meter: the Biomonitoring Device.
VAYU sense’s rapid screening device, the “VAYU Meter,” was developed for detection of living cells and microorganisms in growth medium. it measures CO2 metabolic gas concentrations produced during cell respiration and proliferation. The VAYU Meter enables continuous metabolic gas detection for high- sensitivity bioprocess control, growth- rate monitoring, and bioconcentration. By means of infrared absorption, this device allows in situ detection of cells and microorganisms in fermenters or bioreactors directly from reactor exhaust, without a need for opening, sampling, or incubating. This device can be applied for quantitative analysis and estimating the level of biological activity of cells and microorganisms in biopharmaceutical processes. Fermentation processes of most important and complex pharmaceuticals require precise culture-base growth. From the early stages of commercial protein production, handling of cultures is subject to challenges. Commercial production of products at large scale depends greatly on the stable maintenance of cell levels. To optimize biotech production processes and improve yields and economics, companies need better, precise, real-time process understanding and improved equipment use. The VAYU Meter is a real- time process-status monitoring solution that can accurately indicate relative reaction conditions. This high-resolution, continuous-detection system is successful in detecting cells and microorganisms’ concentration.
VAYU Sense’s solution measures, records, and analyzes CO2 levels using its proprietary infrared technology. Extremely accurate, measures at parts-per-million sensitivity and non-intrusive measurements are performed continuously and automatically while the growth matter is in the container, so analysis is performed in real-time. All can be viewed online by an operator, on multiple devices and displays.
· Can easily be installed on any fermenter
· Correlates with other measured parameters
· Shortens R&D processes and improves equipment utilization
· Optimizes production processes and Increases culture yields
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