The NEUMO story: fluid handling systems made of stainless steel and special materials

Tablets, vaccines, dairy products, microchips, etc. go through a long process...

The pathway to the finished product often passes through gigantic production facilities with miles of tubing and thousands of fittings. Metamorphosis into the end product takes place in tank farms and reactors. Moved along by pumps and controlled by a series of valves, the fluid flows are routed to downstream stages, passing sensors on their way to the unit operations and the equipment where processing takes place. End products exiting from sterile filling systems or discharge stations are then ready for delivery to users. This complex technical "organism" is our world.

All of the components, tubing, equipment and subassemblies made of stainless steel or special alloys which we supply for installation in the fluid handling systems at these plants reflect our in-depth expertise, wealth of experience and uncompromising dedication to quality. We have only one thing in mind, namely process integrity at the customer site. Our vision is to help our customers make products which are as perfect as possible.